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Constitutional Law: Current Issues/Choose a Topic

Constitutional law resources

Preemption & Publication

Preemption means that someone has published on a topic with an analysis similar to yours, recently, before you, thereby precluding your article on the same topic.  To check if your article has been preempted, you should look at the following:

The Bluebook


Important rules to pay attention to while working on your seminar paper:

  • Rule 1- Structure and Use of Citations
  • Rule 10- Cases
  • Table T6 - Case Names and Institutional Authors in Citations
  • Table T7- Court Names
  • Rule 15- Books, Reports, and Other Non-Periodic Materials
  • Rule 16- Periodical Materials (Law Reviews & Journals)
  • Table T13- Abbrevations for Periodicals
  • Rule 18- The Internet, Electronic Media, and Other Non-Print Resources

Subject Guide

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