Dog Ownership, Nutrition and Care: Home

How to choose the right canine companion; facts about puppy stores, rescues, breeders; basic dog training, health, care and safety; choosing the right food for your dog; understanding dog food ingredient labels; behavior and training; giving up your dog.
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If you need clothes, go to the clothing store.

If you need food, go to the grocery store.

If you want to bring a dog into your life, you're probably asking yourself these questions:

Where should I get a dog?

Which dog breed is the right one for me/my family?

How much does it cost to get a dog / puppy?

How much money will having a dog cost me each year?

What should I feed my dog?

Where will my dog live? Inside or outside?

Should I train my dog? How will I train my dog?


If we need groceries, we go to the grocery store.

If we want new shoes, we go to the shoe store.

If we want a new puppy, we go to the puppy store.... right?

Not necessarily. Ask yourself this:

* How much will a dog cost?
* How much will it cost to keep a dog in good health?
* What breed should I get?
* How do I train a dog?
* What should I feed my dog?
* How long do dogs live?



This guide will attempt to answer these questions, or at the very least get you thinking about the issues.

It may also answer questions you never thought to ask.

The information presented in this guide derives in part from authoritative websites and literature. Other information is based on the author's experience as a dog owner rescuer, and is not meant to replace the advice of a veterinarian, canine nutritionist, or trainer. This guide does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Nova Southeastern University or the Broward County Board of County Commissioners. Please note that neither institution nor the author can guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the materials presented herein.

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