EndNote: Introduction

EndNote is a free software for Nova students, faculty & staff. Use it to store and organize your references and PDFs from the library's databases. Insert citations from Endnote into a word document as you write.
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This guide is currently in the process of being updated. You may encounter some older information that is no longer relevant. If you have any questions please contact your library's reference desk or make a library appointment.

Additional help and training are available from endnote.com

What is Endnote?

EndNote is a software application that is free to all NSU students, faculty and staff. 

Why use Endnote?

  • Import your references directly into Endnote from the library's databases
  • Store and organize your references in Endnote
  • Insert citations from Endnote into a word document as you write
  • Format your citations and bibliographies using a variety of bibliographic styles

 Check out this short video that highlights updates in the latest version of EndNote:

What's new in EndNote X8?

What’s new in EndNote X8:

  • Support for the latest operating systems
    • Compatible with Windows 7 to 10 and Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) to 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Similar, more intuitive icons on Windows and Macintosh
    • Quotation Mark = Insert new citation
    • PDF icon inside magnifying glass = starts find full text search
  • New Reference Update feature
    • Update whole sets instead of just individual records
    • New option to update reference manually
      • Will disable/grey out the option to update fields automatically so your manual changes are not overridden
  • Two new tools in the Groups Panel
    • EndNote sync option now in left-hand library menu if not set up yet (Configure Sync)
    • Recently added tool allows you to set timeframe of when items were added
      • Last 24 hours
      • Last 7 days
      • Last 14 days
      • Last 30 days
  • Improved library sharing
    • Up to 100 people!
      • X7 was only 7 people
      • Use new “find people” search field for sharing
  • Ability to merge multiple libraries will all the different groups and group sets contained in each
    • Use the last library you synced as your new library
  • An Activity Feed for library changes
    • Great if you are sharing a library
    • Shows changes in EndNote desktop or iPad, not in EndNote online
      • Clickable to go to that area