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HPD Library Staff Directory: Alphabetical Staff Listing

HPD Library Staff December 2016

Welcome to the Health Professions Division Library

Alphabetical Listing

Andrews, Bill 954-262-3120 Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Andrews, Star 954-262-3129  Electronic Resources
Anwar, Majid, MLIS 954-262-3107 Liaison: Nursing, Optometry
Beegle, Pam, BA, MLS 954-262-3122 Liaison: Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant
Boubert, Coltz 954-262-3106 Night Owl Attendant
Catinella, Stefan 954-262-3106 Evening Circulation Supervisor
De La Rosa, Daisy, MLIS 954-262-3117 Liaison: Anesthesiology Assistant, Cardiovascular Sonography, Pharmacy, Respiratory Therapy, Sonography
Ferguson, Craigrison 954-262-3115 Library Assistant / Document Delivery
Hall, Brandon 954-262-3111 Assistant to the Executive Director
Johnson, Melinda, MLIS, MA 954-262-3135 Liaison: Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, Audiology, Speech Language Pathology
Lebofsky, Scott 954-262-3106 Night Owl Attendant
Macklin, Brooke 954-262-1571 Study Center Attendant
Malhotra, Deepak 954-262-3106 Night Owl Attendant
Mariano, Vince 954-262-3121 Reference Librarian
Mobley, Laquelle 954-262-3106 Night Owl Attendant
Montero, Kiara 954-262-3106 Library Assistant / Circulation
Nwafor, Debbie 954-262-3106 Night Owl Attendant
Pena, Joseph 954-262-3106 Library Assistant / Circulation
Puccio, Todd, BA, MLS 954-262-3114 Director of Technical Services
Rahaman, Tariq, MLIS 954-262-3119 Liaison: Dental - Emerging Technologies Librarian
Roberts, Steve, MLIS 954-262-3110 Circulation Manager
Robertson, Kaye, BS, MLS 954-262-3123 Executive Director
Sager, Aaron 954-262-1841 Technology Support
Sarpy, Julie, Ph.D, MSLS, MA 954-262-3121 Liaison: Allopathic Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine
Sonpar, Deepa 954-262-3116 Technical Services / Serials
Tchouambou, Elsa 954-262-3106 Night Owl Attendant
Thompson, Derrick 954-262-1571 Study Center Attendant
Tier-Moss, Diedre 954-262-1571 Study Center Attendant
Trinidad, Doxia 954-262-3106 Library Assistant / Circulation
Ziegler, Catherine 954-262-3126 Circulation Coordinator