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HPD Effective Writing Center for the College of Health Care Sciences: Welcome

Welcome to the Effective Writing Center (EWC)!

Quick Links

Services We Offer

EWC Writing Coaches help students with

  • Brainstorming
  • Organization/Outlining
  • Thesis Development
  • Consistency/Clarity
  • Grammar/Mechanics/Usage
  • Citation/References (APA/AMA)

Services We Do Not Offer

EWC Writing Coaches cannot

  • Write your paper
  • Edit or proofread your paper
  • Translate your paper or other resources
  • Spell check
  • Check for plagiarism

About Us

Our mission: The Effective Writing Center (EWC) -- a cooperative project sponsored by the HPD College of Health Care Sciences in collaboration with the HPD Library -- promotes academic excellence by partnering with faculty to provide a friendly and supportive student-centered coaching environment. Through the use of innovative practices that support the diverse needs of our students on the main campus, online, and at our regional campuses, the EWC provides a valuable and reliable resource for developing lifelong writing skills.

Who we are: Experienced writing coaches and one experienced student success coach. Schedule an appointment today!

Who we serveCollege of Health Care Sciences students.

What we doCoaches provide various levels of writing-related and academic services depending on each student's needs and objectives - for FREE!

Why we do itSessions are designed to help students learn how to improve their writing as well as their academic skills (studying, time management, etc.).

Where we do itAll in-person sessions are held on the main campus in Davie, FL, at the HPD Library. Virtual sessions are held online using Go To Meeting.

View this brief video to learn more about the EWC.