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Jewish Law: Home

This library guide is aimed towards Jewish Law Seminar Students and anyone with an interest in Jewish Law.

The National Library of Israel

The National Library of Israel offers a variety of services to the public.  The Digital Library and the Department of Music Website offer thousands of items online, free of charge.  The library digitized a number of historic newspapers that are easy to search.

Informational Web Sources

There is some very valuable information available on the web, including full text resources, recordings, and even free courses on Jewish Law.

Primary Sources

Researching Jewish Law can be confusing for a first-time (or even an experienced) researcher. There are three "levels" of primary sources:

  1. Written Law & Oral Law
    •  Written Law is contained in the Torah, or Tanakh
    • Oral Law has been transcribed into the Mishnah, Halakhic Midrashim, and Tosefta.
      •   The Mishnah is the most commonly used.
  2. The Talmud records, explains, and interprets rabbinical discussions of seven generations.
  3. The Responsa contains case law records and how these laws were applied by rabbis in real life situations.

Other Primary Sources:

  • Hebrew Bible or Tanakh (Torah + Prophets and Writings).
  • Commentaries on the Hebrew Bible or Tanakh.
  • Aggadic Midrashim, which interprets ethical and philosophical components of the written and oral law.
  • Commentaries on the Talmud, major codes, major ethical works, and other legal documents.

Other Research Guides:

Research Help

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