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Law Library Resources for Law Clinics: Home

This guide points NSU College of Law Clinic students to resources they can use in preparing to represent their clients.


The NSU College of Law Clinics--Library Resources LibGuide is your connection to resources for practicing as a student attorney.

Each of the pages in this LibGuide will introduce you to practical, practice-oriented legal-research resources available to you through the Panza Maurer Law Library.


Dean and Faculty - In House Clinics

Nancy Kelly Sanguigni, Assistant Dean for Clinical Programs

Timothy Arcaro, Director, Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Law Clinic & Professor of Law

Brion Blackwelder, Director, Children and Families Law Clinic & Associate Professor of Law

Steven Kass, Director, Sharon and Mitchell W. Berger Entrepreneur Law Clinic

Fran Tetunic, Director, Dispute Resolution Clinic & Professor of Law

Olga M. Torres, AIDD Clinic Fellow

Faculty - Field Placement Clinics

Heather Baxter, Director, Judicial Field Placement Clinic & Professor of Law

Megan Chaney, Director, Criminal Justice Field Placement Clinic & Professor of Law

Mark Dobson, Director, Criminal Justice Field Placement Clinic & Professor of Law

Roma Perez, Director, Civil Field Placement Clinic & Professor of Law

Ishaq Kundawala, Director, Consumer Bankruptcy Field Placement Clinic & Professor of Law

Michael Flynn, Director, Consumer Protection Internship Clinic & Professor of Law