Law Curriculum Sorting Guide: Legislative Advocacy

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Faculty Members Include: Brion Blackwelder, Ron Brown, Kathy Cerminara, Phyllis Coleman

Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Administrative Law (3 Credits) LAW 0695/ LAW 0690

Animal Law Legislation Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0795  

Bioethics Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0897

Legislation Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0859


Environmental Enforcement Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0780



Environmental Law (2 Credits) LAW 0771



Health Policy, Bioethics and Quality of Care (3 Credits) LAW 4677



Jurisprudence Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0735



Ocean and Coastal Law (2 credits) LAW 0502/LAW 503