Law Curriculum Sorting Guide: Constitutional Law and Civil Rights

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Faculty Members Include: Michael Dale, Doug Donoho, Olympia Duhart, Jon Garon, Richard Grosso, Areto Imoukhuede, Bob Jarvis, Camille Lamar, Michael Masinter, Michael Richmond, John Sanchez, Kathryn Webber, Jim Wilets


Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Constitutional Law I (4 Credits) LAW 0625

(MBE) (FB)

Civil Rights Litigation Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0615

American Legal History Seminar (2 Credits) LAW  0793/0794

Constitutional Law II (2 Credits) LAW 0629

(MBE) (FB)

Civil Rights Practice Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 4673


Appellate Practice Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 0874

Florida Constitutional Law (3 Credits) LAW 0775 (FB)

Current Constitutional Issues Seminar (2 Credits) LAW 0796

Civil Pre-Trial Practice (3 Credits) LAW 0517



Disability Law (3 Credits) LAW 0095



Employment Discrimination (3 Credits) LAW 0633



Federal Jurisdiction (3 Credits) LAW 0685



Gambling Law (2 credits) LAW 0525



Trial Advocacy (3 Credits) LAW 0890