Law Curriculum Sorting Guide: Criminal Law and Procedure

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Faculty Members Include: Catherine Arcabascio, Tim Arcaro, Heather Baxter, Randolph Braccialarghe, Megan Chaney, Leslie Cooney, Mark Dobson, Doug Donoho, Pearl Goldman, Shahabudeen Khan


Core Offerings

Advanced Offerings

Related Offerings

Criminal Law  (4 credits) LAW 0670 (MBE) (FB)

Advanced Criminal Law: Federal Crimes (2 Credits) LAW 0776

Domestic Violence Law and Policy (2 Credits) LAW 0694

Criminal Procedure (3 Credits) LAW 0645

(MBE) (FB)

Advanced Trial Advocacy (3 Credits) LAW 0893

Interviewing and Counseling (2 Credits) LAW 1062

Evidence (4 Credits) LAW 0614 (MBE) (FB)

Criminal Justice Field Placement Clinic (12 FT Credits) LAW 0852/0853

Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiating (3 Credits) LAW 0665


Criminal Pre-Trial Practice (2 Credits) LAW 0711


Judicial Field Placement Class/ Judicial Field Placement (1 credit) LAW 0821/ (2 credits) LAW 0822


Juvenile Law (3 Credits) LAW 0506 (FB)

Negotiation Workshop (2 credits) LAW 0672 /LAW 4672


Post-Conviction Relief Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 1001



Sentencing Workshop (2 Credits) LAW 1076



Trial Advocacy (3 Credits) LAW 0890