Panza Maurer Law Library: Law Library Policies

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Panza Maurer Law Library Policies

Study Room Policy

The Panza Maurer Law Library has 28 study rooms available for checkout.  Panza Maurer Law Library study rooms are available exclusively to currently enrolled NSU law students and recent graduates (within the last 6 months) studying for the bar exam (or those graduates on the list maintained by the Academic Success and Professionalism Program).  Study rooms check out for three hours at a time.  At the end of the three hour period, students must return to the Public Services Desk to return the key.  At the discretion of the Panza Maurer Law Library staff, provided that there is no waitlist, students may renew the room for a second three hour period. Study room keys may not leave the law library; if a student has a study room checked out and needs to leave the room for any reason, they must put the room in the "break" box on the Public Services Desk.  If a study room key is not returned at the end of the checkout period, the student's account will be locked and they will not be able to check out any materials until the key is returned.  

Study Room Rules

Checking Out

  • Study rooms are first come- first served. We do not reserve rooms.
  • All room checkouts require the student to present their Shark Card (if checking out a group room all members must have Shark Card). (Students are required to carry their Shark Card per the NSU Student Handbook.)
  • There must be a minimum of three people present at the time of checking out a group study room.
  • If no rooms are available, a student may be placed on the waiting list.
  • All group member names will be placed on the waiting list for a group room, all group members must be present at the time of check out (with Shark Card). Failure to do so forfeits the key.
  • While one group member will be placed on the waiting list (via Shark Card) if a group room is not available, all 3+ members must be present with Shark Cards when a key does becomes available.
  • Any student who is currently in a group room cannot be placed on the waiting list until their group room time expires or the group room key is returned to circulation for check in.
  • A student on the waitlist MUST keep the buzzer on them at all times. For groups on the waitlist one member of the group must keep the buzzer on them at all times. If all buzzers are checked out, then students cannot be placed on the waiting list until one is returned.
  • Students must remain in the law library with the buzzer. 

Renewing Rooms

  • Study rooms may not be renewed.  The student(s) must bring the key to the Circulation Desk to be checked in.  If there are no students waiting for a study room the room may be checked out again by the returning student. 


Summer Term Study Room Policy 2018

(Effective May 7, 2018 through July 23, 2018)

NSU Law graduates studying for the July Bar Exam, the entire 3rd floor is reserved for Bar Study Only.  Additionally, all 3rd floor study rooms (except the Barcelona and PILS auction rooms) will only be checked out to NSU law students studying for July Bar Exam. There will be no time limit on any of the rooms, and the rooms will be checked out on a first come-first served basis. 

NSU Law Students Not Studying for the Bar Exam during this time, all 2nd floor study rooms will be available to all NSU Law and AAMPLE students on a first come-first served basis. * The regular study room policies of 3-hour time limit and 1 renewal (if there is no waiting list) will be in effect.

* Note: Those NSU Law students studying for the Bar Exam can check out study rooms on the 2nd floor.  However, the regular study room policies of a 3-hour check-out time and 1 renewal (if no waiting list) will apply.  

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Code of Conduct

In addition to the general facility policies of Nova Southeastern University, the following policies apply to all patrons of the Law Library.

The primary mission of the Panza Maurer Law Library is to serve faculty, students, and staff of the Law School and Nova Southeastern University.  The library also welcomes alumni, members of the Bar, and public patrons who wish to use the Library’s collection for conducting legal research. 

  • In order to provide the necessary services, the library must provide an environment that is conducive to research and study, and the legitimate use of library materials and services. 

  • To foster this environment, it is necessary that all patrons of the library follow the rules and be considerate of the rights of other patrons utilizing the library. Additionally, patrons should treat all library materials, equipment, and facilities with care as these must be shared and used by all patrons.

  • Community Access computers are available for use by all patrons for legal research only.  When there are other patrons waiting, use of Community Access computers should be limited to no more than 90 minutes.

  • Patrons should comply with all library staff directions and instructions.

  • Patrons must comply with all posted signage, including limitations on seating, equipment usage, noise restrictions, temporary closures, and any other instructions or usage limitations.

  • Any behavior or condition that disrupts the orderly use of the library, may damage or harm library materials, equipment, or furnishings, and that affects the ability of library staff to provide service is prohibited.

  • Any conduct that disturbs other Library patrons or disrupts the library activities is prohibited.  This includes, but is not limited to, excessive noise (including loud conversations, noise created by audio equipment and electronic communication devices), verbal abuse, threats of violence, any type of harassment, and any other offensive behavior.

  • Removing or attempting to remove library materials, equipment or property without checkout or other library authorization is prohibited.

  • Damaging library materials by marking or removing pages or other destructive activities towards equipment or facilities are prohibited.

  • Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for the child’s conduct, as well as for any damage or disturbance by the child.

  • Only animals that assist patrons with disabilities are allowed in the library.

  • Solicitation or selling of merchandise in the library is prohibited.

  • In the period beginning three weeks prior to law school exams and continuing throughout the examination period, library study space becomes very limited and law students receive priority in seating and use of library study areas.  Non-law student access is limited to the information exchange zone on the 2nd floor or other areas designated with signs.


The following outlines the scope of assistance that the Law Librarians and staff can provide:

  • All patrons of the law library are entitled to ask assistance of Law Librarians in the use of all resources when reference librarians are available.

  • Law Librarians can provide information on legal aid and local bar attorney referral services.

  • Law Librarians can help you find print or electronic materials on particular areas of law to assist you with your research (e.g. statute book, case reporter, Legal encyclopedia, etc.).

  • Law Librarians can show you how to use the print or electronic materials.

  • Law Librarians can explain how the court system works generally. However, they cannot give you specifics of how the court system operates. (For instance, they cannot tell you which court to file a case in or which documents need to be filed in a case, etc.)

  • Law Librarians cannot tell you which forms, statutes, or cases are the correct ones. Additionally, Law Librarians cannot draft, edit or check documents for patrons.

  • Law Librarians, Staff, and Student Workers are not permitted to provide any type of legal advice, to conduct legal research for patrons, or provide an opinion of any kind on the law or a case.

Gift Policy

The Panza Maurer Law Library welcomes cash and in-kind donations that have the potential to become a part of the collection as an additional copy, as a new edition, or as a replacement of a poorer quality copy.

The library reserves the right to dispose of any portion of a gift that falls outside of the scope of its Collection Development policy.

The Panza Maurer Law Library cannot accept gifts with restrictions or provide appraisals of gifts.

Upon receipt of a gift, the library provides an acknowledgement letter of the gift. For cash gifts, the same acknowledgement procedure is followed. In appropriate situations, a gift that is to be added to the collection or purchases made from cash gifts may be gift plated to indicate the donor´s name and the year of the gift.  For donations larger than two boxes, please contact 954-262-6213 to schedule an appointment and ensure a staff member is available to process your donation.


  • When patrons or faculty give donations they are to be given a form to fill out that asks for their name, address, and if they would like a donation acknowledgment letter.  (They are not required to fill out the form)
  • If the patron or faculty member fills out the form, please place the form inside the cover of one of the donated books.
  • Take the books to Technical Services and place on the cart designated donations.  The librarian will assess and determine if the books can be added to the collection.  Additionally, the librarian will prepare a donation acknowledgment letter for the donor, and have it readied for the Associate Dean's signature, and place it in the mail.
  • Any books not added will be recycled.
  • Books added to the collection will be processed and catalogued for addition to the collection.


Panza Maurer Law Library Donation Information


Name: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________________


City: _______________________________________________________________________


State: _____________________________ Zip Code: ________________________________


Would you like to receive a donation acknowledgement letter? ______ YES  or  ______ NO

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Access Policy

The Panza Maurer Law Library is open to all NSU students, staff, faculty, alumni, members of the bar, and the public.  

In the period beginning three weeks prior to law school exams and continuing throughout the examination period, library study space becomes very limited and law students receive priority in seating and use of library study areas.  Non-law student access is limited to the area next to the Public Services Desk on the 2nd floor or other areas designated with signs.

Please note that for the 2018-2019 Academic Year, the following periods will have restricted access for non-law students:

  • Friday, November 9, 2018-Sunday, December 9, 2018
  • Monday, April 1, 2019-Friday, May 3, 2019

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