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MAMC 4601 Ecotourism and Whale Watching Activities in ICZM: Getting Started

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Getting Started


Whale-watching is one of the fastest growing tourism industries worldwide often viewed as sustainable, non-consumptive strategy for the benefits of cetacean conservation and the coastal communities. Whale-Watching Activities are very interesting to illustrate a worldwide case for sustainable management. 

This course will focus upon: the historical aspects of Whale-Watching Activities (WWA), Whale-Watching around the word, particularly in North America / the importance of WWA as an industry / the conservation basis of cetacean conservation and the role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) / the impacts of navigation, regulations and guidelines / conceptual modelling for sustainable management and sustainable whale watching / research trends in WWA / the ecotourism experience. 


No text required. Suggested scientific articles and reports, videos and websites are listed on the syllabus.

Ecotourism and Whale Watching Activities in ICZM Suggested Books:


Students will:

  • Acquire knowledge on a important worldwide issue as sustainable development for coastal communities
  • Understand the complexity of the interactions between ecological, social and economical factors involved in WWA as an industry
  • Examine current and future trends in WWA management and research
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