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Imaging Reference Center [Library Resource]

Imaging isn’t just for radiologists. It touches every clinician and every patient as one of the fundamental tools of diagnosis.

Best-Practice Imaging Recommendations for every diagnosis to promote efficient and cost-effective use of imaging resources.

Comprehensive and Current - with over 4,000 classic imaging diagnoses serving a wide range of medical specialties and health professionals.

Over 72,000 best-of images, including x-ray, CT, MR, ultrasound, and full-color graphics, providing healthcare professionals with expert-selected examples at a glance.

Written by imaging experts and supported by over 40,000 journal references in a broad range of easily searchable categories. 


Pathology Reference Center [Library Resource]

A comprehensive, image-rich source of information and insight for physicians and health care professionals - not just pathologists - to gain pathology perspectives on diagnoses when ordering and reviewing pathology tests. This unique reference offers a combination of high-quality images, diagnoses spanning a wide range of topics and clinical text.


*Nearly 30,000 images, including gross pathology, H&E, IHC stains, correlative images, and colored graphics

*Over 2,100 evidence-based diagnoses written by pathology experts and supported by thousands of journal references

*Diagnosis topics include key terminology, a diagnosis checklist, a list of ancillary tests, multiple differential diagnoses and more

*Many topics include summary tables - such as lists of immunohistochemistry staining patterns, and feature comparisons for different diagnoses


Download, print, and share images and diagnoses!


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