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Military Law Research Guide: Home

Focus of this Guide

The focus of this guide is to enable one to successfully research topics within military law and to assist students in finding research topics within military law.  

In order to research any part of military law it is important to understand exactly what law governs the military and the different types of courts involved in military law. First, the military has created a set of rules called the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The UCMJ functions like a federal statute does in that soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines must follow the rules set out in the UCMJ.  They are subject to court martial under the procedures of the UCMJ which can range anywhere from forfeiture of pay to imprisonment or discharge from the military. Once military personnel are tried under the UCMJ, they are given an opportunity to appeal to their respective branches' Court of Appeals. For example, a soldier who was tried for criminal conduct can appeal to the United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals. If the case needs to go further than that it is brought in front of the United Stated Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and ultimately the Supreme Court. If you click on the "Uniform Code of Military Justice" tab, you will find links to all the court of appeals as well as a link to the actual UCMJ.  There is also a short video which will give you a quick history of the UCMJ. 

Once you have an understanding of how the military functions under the UCMJ it should become easier to choose or find a topic within military law to research. To find a topic click on the "journals/law review" tab. Once there, review the materials from each branches' law review. If you scroll over each link it will describe what each law review covers and where it is published. Once you have chosen a topic you can scroll through that particular branches' JAG website for more information on your particular topic. The links to each individual JAG website are located on the left side of this screen. In addition, most law libraries carry some books pertaining to military law. I have listed the most helpful books within NSU's Law Library to assist you in finding a research topic within military law. 



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