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Master of Science in Law and Policy: Welcome to Law and Policy!

A guide designed to assist current and potential students obtaining a Master of Science in Law and Policy.

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Tarica LaBossiere
Panza Maurer Law Library
Nova Southeastern University
3305 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-7796
Phone: 954-262-6223

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This library guide was last updated on 02/20/2018.

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        Welcome to the Master of Science Program in Law and Policy Library Guide! This program is designed to provide our graduate professionals with a thorough curriculum that will enable our students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the working relationship between their profession and the law, as well as the ability to apply this understanding to the various legal issues that can arise in their chosen profession. Within as little as two years, students will be able to identify legal issues in their profession, adding valuable perspective to their workplaces. Our program enables students to distinguish themselves as leaders in their chosen profession, characterized by their specialized expertise regarding the law, regulations, and policies relevant to their profession.

      Aimed at helping graduate students achieve these learning outcomes, the Shephard Broad College of Law Panza Maurer Law Library has created this guide to provide professionals with a variety of resources that will assist in helping them gain a better understanding of the American legal system. Our goal is to ensure that graduate students and other business professionals have access to the numerous resources that can aid them in reaching their academic and professional goals.