NSAM Assignment: Assignment Outline

This guide contains library resources to complete the Threat Assessment and Country in Turmoil papers.

Final Information Development Paper

This research assignment is intended to be the capstone of the class and will bring together not only the subject matter expertise developed by the student but will also utilize critical thinking and research methodology discussed in class.  It is an extremely challenging assignment that will likely require a significant level of effort on the part of the student.


  • The threat topic must be approved by the instructor.
  • You are writing as if you are preparing a finished, highly developed product intended to inform a key decision maker such as U.S. Military General Officer, a senior State Department official, or a Managing Director of a Non Governmental Organization conducting services in response to Transnational Threats.
  • These are extremely busy people who make hundreds of high level decisions a week and are also likely responsible for thousands of people.
  • As such, that individual will likely only spend about fifteen seconds reading your product before making a decision to either continue reading or dismiss your assessment as irrelevant to their mission.
  • Given your limited time, one of the most important parts of your paper will be an “Executive Summary” introduction of approximately two paragraphs which will convey the key factual items that you want to deliver.

Please see the NSAM 5003 Syllabus and the Information Discover Paper guidelines for further instructions