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Oceanographic Campus Library - Portfolio, Capstone, Thesis, and Dissertation Binding Instructions: General Binding Info

Instructions for binding finished work and submitting for graduation.

General Info for Portfolio, Capstone, Thesis, and Dissertation Binding

  • Your final and approved PortfolioCapstoneThesis, or Dissertation must be submitted to the NSU Oceanographic Campus Library staff for binding before the program office will confer your degree. 
    • CapstonesTheses, and Dissertations are submitted electronically via the NSUWorks online ETD submission system: .  
      • The Oceanographic Campus Library will send out the document for printing and binding at the bindery.
      • The only capstone, thesis, or dissertation item(s) that cannot be submitted electronically are the signature pages.  Please see below for more information on signature pages which must be printed by the student. 
    • Portfolios are printed by the student and  submitted in print to the Oceanographic Campus Library for binding. 
    • Your 30 day time clock for submission begins on the last day of the term that you are registered in.  Please note this is not business days, but includes holidays and weekends.

NSUWorks online ETD submission system for capstones, theses, and dissertations:

  • Number of Copies:
    • Printed copies required for the Center: 
      • (1) Program Office Copy  
        • Additional personal copies can be ordered by the student, as desired
  • Signature Pages:
    • All Portfolio copies, and Capstone, Thesis, and Dissertation signature pages need to be printed on 20-25% cotton bond paper, with all signature pages signed in blue ink.
      • One signed signature page per copy is required (i.e. 3 bound copies = 3 signature pages).
      • Signatures must be original and in blue ink - scanned or photocopied signature pages will not be accepted
      • ​​Signature pages must be printed on 25%, 20Lb White Cotton Paper
        • Ocean Campus Students:
          • Please see the Oceanographic Campus Library for paper to print your signature pages (the library will provide it to you free of charge).
        • Distance Students:
          • Please have a member of your committee who is on the Ocean Campus pick up the signature pages paper for you from the Oceanographic Campus Library, and work with your committee member to print out your signature pages and circulate them for signatures from your committee. 
        • Other:
  • Formatting:
    • All submitted documents must be single sided - double sided formatting will not be accepted.
    • Keywords must be included after the abstract (required for capstones, theses, & dissertations).
    • Paper should be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, and 1.5 spaced
    • The left-hand margin should be set to 1.5 inches, all other margins at 1 inch
  • Before a Librarian can sign off on the library degree conferral portion, they will need:
    • ​Signature pages for all printed copies being requested
    • All items in online submission system submitted:
      • NSUWorks Author Agreement form approval
      • PDF file of paper, which includes abstract and keywords
      • Payment for the binding cost (see costs on related tab/page)

Capstones, Theses, and Dissertations will be hardbound. 
Theses and Dissertations will be available digitally in NSUWorks - NSU's online Institutional Repository.

The Oceanographic Campus Library on the 4th floor of the GHOC Ocean Campus building has 10 computers, a scanner, and a color LaserJet printer available to OC Students. 

 OC Students receive a $75 printing credit on their SharkCard, which is allocated each year on July 1st.

You can print your portfolio copy, or your capstone, thesis, and dissertation signature pages required for binding on the OC Library printer!  

No need to pay for printing at Kinkos or Staples – use your SharkCard funds already allocated to you!

 For more information on the SharkPrint system, please see:

NSU Works

NSU Works is a service of the Nova Southeastern University (NSU) Libraries. Research, scholarly and creative output included in this institutional repository has been selected and deposited by NSU’s individual colleges, schools, centers and administrative departments. Online access is provided to both published and unpublished works by the NSU community. This includes journal articles, books, theses, dissertations, reports, conference proceedings, teaching materials, data sets, university publications, digital and multimedia collections. Contribution of completed works to this repository ensures long-term preservation and worldwide electronic accessibility.

HCNSO - NSU Works Publications

HCNSO - Ocean Campus Theses and Dissertations

HCNSO - Ocean Campus Capstones


OC Library Binding Guide

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