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Cover for Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences

Encyclopedia of Marine Geosciences

About this Book

This Encyclopedia comprises the current knowledge in marine geosciences whereby not only basic but also applied and technical sciences are covered. Through this concept a broad scale of users in the field of marine sciences and techniques is addressed, from students and scholars in academia to engineers and decision makers in industry and politics. Globally growing demand of energy and mineral resources, reliable future projection of climate processes and the protection of coasts to mitigate the threats of disasters and hazards require a comprehensive understanding of the structure, ongoing processes and genesis of the marine geosphere. Beyond the “classical” research fields in marine geology in current time more general concepts have been evolved integrating marine geophysics, hydrography, marine biology, climatology and ecology. As an umbrella the term “marine geosciences” has been broadly accepted for this new complex field of research and the solutions of practical tasks in the marine realm.

Online ISBN: 9789400762381             DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-6238-1 doi

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GeoScienceWorld (GSW) was created in 2002 as a single electronic journal (eJournal) aggregate of earth science research information. A comprehensive Internet resource for research and communications in the geosciences, GSW is built on a core database aggregation of peer-reviewed journals indexed, linked, and interoperable with the GeoRef database. GSW provides electronic access to the journals and archives of more than 46 top-tier digital journals from 28 pre-eminent global publishers.


 Greenleaf Online Library

Greenleaf Online Library (GOL) provides instant access to leading thinkers on sustainability; case studies on best practice from international organizations; and evidence-based research to inspire the next generation of socially responsible leaders. This collection covers corporate responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy and management, responsible business strategy and sustainable development. We have unlimited access to more than 5,000 chapters and articles from more than 300 book and journal volumes.

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