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MSMS 5030 Marine Geology: Getting Started

Your First Stop in Oceanography Research

MSMS 5030: Marine Geology

Marine Geology

Course Number: MSMS 5030

The objectives of the course are (1) to enable students to examine the structure, evolution and stratigraphy of the ocean basins and continental margins, and (2) to provide an understanding of the dynamic processes that shape the surface of the earth under the ocean surface.

Marine Geology

Course Number: MSMS 5030

All study material is presented on pdf files that are provided online within Blackboard. No textbook is needed, but students are encouraged to use as much of the literature as possible.

Marine Geology

Course Number: MSMS 5030

Students will:

  • Have a clear overview of how ocean basins form and change in time
  • Understand the dynamics of the earth's crust and its importance for geomorphology and evolution

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