Library Modules for Online COMP: COMP1000

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COMP1000 Library Module

Welcome to the online library training module for COMP 1000, which consists of the following 4 sections:

  1. Razor's Research Bytes
  2. NovaCat Catalog
  3. Quick Tips
  4. Quiz

Please review each section within this module before completing the quiz. To prepare for the quiz, please use this worksheet:

1. Razor's Research Bytes

Razor's Research Bytes is a series of "bite-size" information about the NSU Libraries, the nature of research, and how to best use library resources.  Review the information in each of the five sections and complete all activities within the series. 

To access Razor's Research Bytes, log into Sharklearn (Blackboard) and click on "NSU Libraries" within your Course List.  Then, click on the link to "Razor's Research Bytes" on the left side of the screen.  (See steps below.)  

  • If you do not see the library's course listed for you, please email the library's Reference Desk ( so you can be added to access Razor's Research Bytes. Please note that it may take 1-2 days to be added.
  • Note: Blackboard may work best when using a desktop or laptop computer instead of a mobile device.

(If you have already completed Razor's Research Bytes in Blackboard for another class, please review it as needed.)

After you complete Razor's Research Bytes, continue on to the next section on this page.

How to Log In to Razor's Research Bytes

Note: Blackboard works best using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Please do not use Internet Explorer or a mobile device.

Step 1: Log into SharkLearn (Blackboard)

Step 2: Go to My Courses and select NSU Libraries - Razor's Research Bytes

Step 3: Once in the NSU Libraries' course, select Razor's Research Bytes from the left-hand menu


2. NovaCat Catalog

Our library's catalog is called NovaCat.  Search for materials by keyword, author, or title. Click on an entry to view an item's availability, location, and call number.

3. Quick Tips

Here are some more helpful tips, links, and reminders:

Need Help?

How to Navigate the Library's Homepage (video):

Related Library Guides:

Related Campus Resources:

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Your Library Card:

For NSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni, your SharkCard is your library card!  For more information about your SharkCard, please visit Campus Card Services.


After you review this section, continue on to the Quiz.

4. Quiz for COMP1000 Library Module

Now that you have completed each section of the module, it's time to submit your quiz to your COMP professor for credit!

To begin the quiz, click on the link below that corresponds to your course/professor. Use your completed worksheet to answer each question on the quiz. When finished, click "submit." (Note: Answers will not save unless the quiz is submitted.  Do not close the quiz window before you submit the quiz.)