Library Modules for Online COMP: COMP1500

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COMP1500 Library Module

Welcome to the online library training module for COMP 1500, which consists of the following 4 sections:

  1. Razor's Research Bytes
  2. Databases
  3. Keywords and Boolean Operators
  4. Quiz

Please review each section within this module before completing the quiz.  To prepare for the quiz, please use this worksheet:

1. Razor's Research Bytes

Razor's Research Bytes is a self-paced library orientation that consists of a series of "bite-size" online modules (located in the library's Canvas course) that introduce general research concepts and illustrate how to efficiently use library resources.

2. Databases

Within Razor's Research Bytes, you received a glimpse of how to use the library's databases to search for articles, e-books, and other documents in the video "Finding Articles in Databases." 

In the first part of that video, the librarian demonstrated how to find and select databases.  Remember, databases are not the same as websites!

  • A database is a collection of information published electronically by a credible source or publishing company.  The descriptive details in a database are arranged into records that can be searched by a computer.
  • While you may find a lot of results when using Google, Bing, or other search engines on the internet, those results may not be appropriate to cite in your actual paper.  Instead, search the internet to brainstorm ideas and then research those concepts in the databases.
  • The majority of scholarly articles and e-books found within a database are not freely available on the internet.

In the second part of that video, the librarian demonstrated how to do a sample search in ProQuest Central. The databases on the list below are used most often for COMP assignments and can be found under the "General & Multidisciplinary" category when browsing databases by subject.  Practice using some of these databases by completing questions 1-4 on your worksheet based on the information in the database list below and what you learned from the "Finding Articles in Databases" video.

After you complete this section, continue on to the Keywords and Boolean Operators section.

3. Keywords & Boolean Operators

Watch this video to learn what Boolean operators are and how to use them:

Next, complete questions 5-6 on your worksheet.

4. Quiz for COMP1500 Library Module

Now that you have completed each section of the module, it's time to submit your quiz to your COMP professor for credit!

To begin the quiz, click on the link below that corresponds to your course/professor. Use your completed worksheet to answer each question on the quiz. When finished, click "submit." (Note: Answers will not save unless the quiz is submitted.  Do not close the quiz window before you submit the quiz.)


Optional Review

If you did not take COMP 1000, you may want to review the following sections of the COMP1000 Library Module for additional information and practice exercises that were not included in this COMP 1500 module but you may find helpful: