Peace Studies: Getting Started

This guide will help researchers in Peace Studies or for topics related to Peace Studies.
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The library guide to Peace Studies provides information on resources available from the Alvin Sherman Library, both in the library and online, related to peace studies, conflict management and resolution, and related topics.

What's New?

United States Institute of Peace

The USIP recently unveiled its new Peace Terms: Glossary of Terms for Conflict Management and Peacebuilding.  To view the glossary click here.

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United States Institute of Peace: Colombia Peace Forum

Amid Colombia’s half-century of armed conflict, with peace talks progressing, the government’s High Commissioner of Peace, Sergio Jaramillo, has called for building “paz territorial,” or “peace from the ground up.” This idea is meant to engage regional institutions, local authorities and diverse social sectors and communities in translating an eventual peace accord into practice. But much is still to be defined. Who will lead and organize the process? How is it to be supported logistically? The U.S. Institute of Peace invites you to a session of the Colombia Peace Forum to explore these and other questions with a panel of experts.