Razor's Research Bytes: Certificate

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Printing Your Certificate

Students that complete the "What did you learn?" activity at the end of Razor's Research Bytes and/or the discipline-specific Program Bytes with a score of 80% or higher will earn a certificate of completion.

This certificate will be found within the "Badges/Certificates section of the NSU Libraries' course.

When you click on the printer icon, your certificate will open in a new window. Click on print certificate to print a copy for your records. If your professor requires you to complete any of the library's bytes, you can scan the printed certificate to your professor as proof of completion.


If a professor requires you to complete Razor's Research Bytes and/or Program Bytes for a specific course, the certificate that you earn at the end will serve as your proof of successful completion. 

Here are some ways that you can provide your professor with a copy of your certificate:

  • Print and scan your certificate 
  • Take a screenshot of your certificate
  • Save your certificate as a PDF

Check with your professors for instructions on how to submit your certificate to them (such as by email or by posting it in Blackboard).