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NSU Oceanographic Campus Library Software Resources: Home

This guide provides supporting resources for the software provided by the NSU Oceanographic Campus Library (OCL) on the 10 computer stations in the library.  Subscription software provided by the NSU OCL includes: the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs; ArcGIS; ENVI; MATLAB; Primer-E with PERMANOVA+; Google Earth Pro; SPSS; and JMP.  Also available on the OCL computers are downloadable programs provided by NSU, including: EndNote; Office 365; and software tools available from the NSU Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography (CoralXDS, CPCe, PSPLOT, and Visual HEA software).  We also download open access software to the computer stations, such as R.  For more information and supporting resources for each of these programs, please click on the corresponding icon below! 

If there is other software you would like the NSU OCL to consider downloading or purchasing, please submit your request HERE.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Google Earth Pro




VisualHEA, CoralXDS, etc.

Microsoft Office365




GIS Programs