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NSU Oceanographic Campus Library: For Non-NSU-OC & Public Patrons

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Use of the NSU Oceanographic Campus Library by: 

Use of NSU Oceanographic Campus Library by NSU students associated with non-Oceanographic Center programs (visiting NSU students)

Use of Oceanographic Campus Library by NSU students associated with non- Oceanographic Center programs (visiting NSU students):

To extend the same courtesy to Nova Southeastern University (NSU) students that other NSU libraries do, the Oceanographic Campus Library (OL) at NSU’s Oceanographic Campus (NSU-OC) Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center (GHOC), located in Dania Beach, FL is open to all NSU students. 

In order to comply with NIST Grant requirements, security protocols, and priority use of the library by NSU-OC students, the following guidelines have been established. Visiting NSU students must:

  • present NSU ID at park entrance to gain entry and only park on NSU campus
    • ‚Äčif going to any other part of the park, students must pay at park entrance
  • have a current official NSU parking sticker to park on the OC campus
  • check in at the first floor security desk of the GHOC with their NSU Shark ID, and then be escorted up to the 4th floor Oceanographic Campus Library, room 412, by a security officer
  • remain on the 1st or 4th floor as other floors are not accessible to visiting NSU students
  • be courteous to other students using the library (OL)
  • understand if security concerns arise, access may be suspended
  • use GHOC building only during established Oceanographic Campus Library hours
  • understand during special events and/or end of term (final exam) periods use of the Oceanographic Campus Library may be suspended for visiting NSU students

Use of NSU Oceanographic Campus Library by public

Use of NSU Oceanographic Campus Library by public:

The NSU Oceanographic Campus Library (OC Library) is not currently open to the public, but there are many ways a public patron can still utilize our resources (outlined below).

If you live, work, or attend school in Broward County, you are eligible to apply for an Alvin Sherman Library card.  The Alvin Sherman Library is located on the NSU main campus in Davie, FL.  You will be able to go to that branch and utilize their resources.  You will also be able to access any of the NSU Databases online (many shared by the OC library), both in person and remotely for any that have the public indication (ALL or BROWARD) after the description:

To gain access to the NSU Libraries with a Broward Resident card from the Alvin Sherman Library:

  1. Apply for a card at: (click on Registration Form)
  2. View the databases that Broward County (Public) patrons have access to:
  3. On that database page, you can view the databases by A-Z Title or by Subject area.  Marine Science Subject areas include:
    1. Ocean & Aquatic Sciences
    2. Environmental Sciences
  4. For books, ebooks, and other resources, try a search in the NovaCat Catalog:
  5. If you see a book or journal that is at the OC Library exclusively, you can request materials through NSU’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Department.

Broward/Public patrons can access many of the OC Library’s purchased resources from the main campus library with a Broward Public Card through the NSU Libraries. 

The Alvin Sherman Library also supports the undergraduate marine sciences program on main campus, so they have a nice collection of physical materials on the subject as well.  Please see their related research guides here:

If a public patron would like request permission to use the NSU OC Library, they may submit their justification request for consideration to: